My name is Daniel Crofts, and I am a 32-year-old man with Asperger Syndrome.  You can learn more about me via the My Story page (coming soon).

Forming Horizons is dedicated to the notion that autistic human beings are the exact opposite in importance – in other words, they are human first.

Yes, greater mutual understanding is needed between the autism community and society.

Yes, individuals on the spectrum need and deserve more opportunities for success in all areas of life.

Yes, schools, employers, and the world in general have much to gain from people on the spectrum.

But none of this will happen without personal encounter, and there is no personal encounter unless both sides take their common humanity as a starting point.

Forming Horizons is an experiment in this.  My goal is to help foster understanding between autism and society – as well as self-understanding on the part of the spectrum population – by both sharing my own thoughts and experiences and by joining with others in working the process out through communication and dialogue.

I will be publishing a new post at least once a week.  I also invite you to jump into the community forum, where you can start or participate in a discussion about ASD-related topics of interest to you.

For a more in-depth explanation of the site, see Why ‘Forming Horizons’? (coming soon)