6 Key Words That Will Help You Understand Your Child’s Behavior

I occasionally do a little freelance journalism.  Yes, that means one of my many hats is that of a reporter…perish the thought!

But there are some useful skills to be learned from this practice, not least of which is the classic “outline” for a story or situation: Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How.

Goodness knows, parents – and teachers; and therapists; and siblings; and fill-in-the-blanks – of people with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) have their fair share of detective work. Continue reading “6 Key Words That Will Help You Understand Your Child’s Behavior”


What the impudent preschooler was really thinking…

“Is she talking to me?” the child asks himself.

“I am getting eye contact,” he continues.  “But no, she must be talking to the kid to my left.  For all I know, she might even be looking through me to the kid behind me.  But she can’t seriously be calling on me again…can she?”

This is roughly what would have gone through my mind if I was capable of reasoning through a situation at five years old.

What situation, you ask?  Let me tell you about it… Continue reading “What the impudent preschooler was really thinking…”

Betty White and My ‘Aspie’ Site

Well I called on Sheldon Cooper (all in good fun, of course) for the success of Forming Horizons last week.  Now that I’m in the middle of sharing my story, I turn to America’s favorite Golden Girl:

Rose Nylund, patron saint of “here’s-a-story-about-me,” pray for me!


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My Asperger Story — Part 1/4

Yes, this is me.  I am 32 years old, and consider myself very lucky to have the better part of my hairline still intact.  Some acquaintances close to me in age have fared less well. (Is that my Aspie imprudence coming out?  Sorry, I’ll shut up now.)

Anyway, here’s my story: Continue reading “My Asperger Story — Part 1/4”